Let’s Play Games On Youtube

Little Nightmares? And a “let’s play?” What are you talking about Shane?

So I’ve kind of neglected my blog over here. I’ve had a lot on my plate recently and have been focusing all of my free time on magic and my new YouTube channel. Not really a new channel, but I’ve reworked my old channel to now be a let’s play channel. It’s been a lot of fun and I am truly enjoying the experience. I’m learning a lot about how to grow in this area. I wanted to share with you my first few videos. The first game I did a let’s play for was Little Nightmares. My goal is ultimately to use video games and let’s plays as a vehicle to deliver my odd sense of humour.

The First Video I posted

The first video I posted was part one of my let’s play for Little Nightmares. I’ve embedded it in the page here if you want to check it out.

Lots of Learning

The two weeks in between my first video (mentioned above) and my most recent videos have taught me a lot. One of my favourite videos from my Little Nightmares playthrough is this one here.

One thing I started doing was creating more fun and unique thumbnails. I really wanted to give this my all. In my opinion I should put everything I can into the quality of my content. I want people to enjoy the experience from start to finish. From the moment people see a thumbnail they should know they are getting involved in some silliness.

What other games have I played?

After my Little Nightmares run I started dabbling in Shadow of Mordor. I’ve really been enjoying this game and my editing style has become less about showing the entire game and more about creating moments of comedy and fun. That’s what my channel is all about, having fun.

After Shadow of Mordor (which I am not finished playing yet) I released a few videos where I play Minecraft Story Mode Season Two. This was suggested to me by a subscribed and I’ve been having fun working on this as well.

Where am I heading next?

Monday morning I’ll be releasing a new video. It’ll be a little different from my current ones and (in simplest terms) reveal my inner moral compass (a tiny bit of foreshadowing). I’m excited to keep the ball rolling on this.

I also intend on putting up more Shadow of Mordor and Minecraft Story Mode videos as the weeks progress. I take suggestions to heart and love talking to people and hearing what they think. If you made it this far in the post I sincerely thank you for reading. I appreciate it far more than you could ever imagine.

The final thing I’d like to leave you with is a link to the playlist for Little Nightmares. I’ll be looking for another game similar to it to play in entirety in the near future. Thanks again! Love you all.

HDML Cloner Box Review – 1080p Game Capture Card

A Review? What is this nonsense Shane?

I know it’s not my typical post, but like I said in my earlier post today, “Read N’ Butter is all about random things.” I have always dreamed of having a let’s play channel on YouTube, but never motivated myself to do it. I had a random YouTube channel where I would post random videos that weren’t really about anything in particular. It took some time, but I finally decided to buy a game capture card. After doing some research I settled on the HDML Cloner Box by ClonerAlliance.

Footage from in-game (also some shameless self promotion)

Check out my YouTube play through of Little Nightmares if you are interested in seeing the Cloner Box in action. (Also note I had to downgrade the quality so my computer could export it in under 4 hours #mycomputerisancient).

My Impressions

I was thrilled with everything about this product. It took no time at all to set up, literally just plug the HDMI from your console into the HDML Cloner Box, then plug a HDMI from the box into your tv (they also supply you with the extra HDMI). From there all you need to do is toss in the 16GB memory stick (also provided to you) and press the on button. I couldn’t believe how simple everything was. When I want to start or stop recording I just press the record button (how much easier can it get). I didn’t need to set up my computer, it just saves directly to the USB. It is capable of recording both 720p and 1080p (just hold the record button to switch between the two, blue = 1080, green = 720). Really I can’t say enough about this product. If you are looking for a super simple, affordable (costs like $130 Canadian on Amazon), and quality product for your game recordings then the HDML Cloner Box is probably right for you.

***A quick note on the links***

I know you aren’t dumb and realize the links are affiliate links. I’m honestly not trying to sell you the product, I was just really impressed with it. The affiliate links cost no extra for you to use (basically I get a bit of what would normally go to Amazon). If you are adamantly against affiliate links for whatever reason just go on Amazon and search “HDML Cloner Box” to find it.

Five Tips To Help You Rock Your Magic Show

I’m back from a short hiatus

Hey there everyone, I’m back. It’s probably pretty clear that I’m not entirely sure which direction I want Read N’ Butter to take, but that’s okay. People seem to have been enjoying reading my post about Gaston (thank you everyone over at Pintrest). A very select few of you solved the massive puzzle I posted on here (I think we are at only 11 completed out of over 1000 who have worked on it, mostly Redditors). I say all this simply because I enjoy random things and this is a reminder that Read N’ Butter is all about random things. Today I will be offering you some tips to dominate your magic show, these are my “magic show tips.”

Today’s random topic is: Magic

I was given the honour of performing a magic show for the Children’s Aid Society last night. The kids were all amazing (kids also are the loudest hecklers you’ll ever get, but it makes it fun).

Hurry up Shane and get to the reason we clicked on this page in the first place….

Without further adieu, here is my brief list of tips that will help you rock out you magic show (or any other live performance for that matter).

1. Have a game plan

Be prepared, know what you are going to include in your set and have a path you want the night to follow. This one is super obvious, but I need to include it because of reason number two.

2. Be willing to toss your game plan out the window

A lot of being a live performer, especially a magician, is your ability to adapt and improvise. The show is never about how amazing you are, but rather the feeling people get when watching your show and interacting with you.

***a quick example from my show last night***

I had previously given myself a story line, a rough script, and a set of routines that I would be doing for this show. The kids were loving it, but at about the 35-40 minute mark I performed a “mind-reading trick” and everything changed. They loved it and every person in the place wanted their mind read. This is where I broke the magicians code and repeated a trick (multiple times, but with a different reveal each time). The show quickly turned from a stage show into a simpler, less formal event. They just enjoyed having things done that couldn’t be explained. I ditched the story and we just sat around doing close up magic, and ended up going way over our time limit.

This brings us to point number 3.

3. Make a connection

People enjoy performing arts because of the connection. Human connection is something we crave. Be willing to connect with your audience. Actually I retract that statement don’t “be willing” but chase it. Your entire goal is going to be connecting with your audience, but how do you do that consistently?

4. Have fun

If you want to connect with your audience simply have fun. People can sense when you are stressed, but they can also sense when you are confident and having fun. Relax and enjoy your time performing. Between both magic and stage plays I always make it my number one goal to make people laugh. When I reach out and force them to laugh there is an instant connection. There will always be a group of people who want to talk to you after your show. When you stand before a group of people and illicit an emotional response, especially one of humour people will connect with you in a massively positive way. You immediately take the place of a “long-time friend” in their mind.

5. Talk to them after the show

If people want to spend time with you after your show then take the time to do it. I’m not saying to forcefully start an awkward conversation by any means, but never turn away a 5, 10, 20 minute conversation with someone who appreciated what you did. One very obvious reason is you’ll hear things like “that performer took an extra 20 minutes of his time to spend with us, we are going to recommend him to everyone.” A slightly more subtle reason for this is actually to benefit you. When you take the time to engage your audience outside of the “stage” after a performance you will get some much desired affirmation, but more importantly it should remind you of why you are doing the whole “entertainer” thing. Talking with people and getting to know what they enjoyed and how everything made them feel should remind you of why you bear the very privileged badge of “entertainer.”

That’s all for now

Hope everyone has an amazing day! Remember it’s an honour and privilege to be an entertainer, if you only take one thing away from this post let it be that. We have the power to influence people and play with their emotions, make sure what you are doing is for their betterment.

Riddle me this

A riddle a day keeps the doctor away

(Why are we trying to keep doctors away? What have they ever done to us?)

For a little while I want to offer a daily riddle or puzzle on my blog here. The answer will come out a week after the riddle is posted. Also if you haven’t noticed based on past posts, I kind of have attention problems. I’m hoping this series lasts a little longer than my Shane vs Phobias YouTube run of 4 episodes.

Your first riddle:

I hide what is not yet hidden. I am a tool for those in secret pain. Dancers adore me, yet I am a friend to thieves.

A Pyromancer is Born

Kindling the first flame

This photoshoot didn’t start off inspired by the Dark Souls series, but during the shoot I was “prepared to die.” I couldn’t shake the feeling that a giant halberd wielding knight was going to invade my world and leave me jumping over bottomless chasms to retrieve my 23,225 souls. I needed those to level up. This once “element” inspired shoot has now been morphed by my passion for the Souls series.

Have I gone hollow?

I awoke in a world of darkness. The dark sign has begun its cycle. I refuse to hollow, I will not become one of the mindless. I must rekindle the bonfire to preserve the age of flame.

The dark sign has appeared

A pyromancer is born

There are many great trials ahead of me. I must find the original bonfire and rekindle it. I don’t have much to my name yet, a few simple fire tricks and not much else. I must channel this power into something greater.

A single pyromancy

Linking the fire

Fire now bends to my will; it has been a long road. I have fought past hydras, black knights, and dragons without scales. Now I find myself standing before a wall of fog. The Lord of Cinder himself stands beyond this threshold. I have also learned that sacrificing myself to link the fire will only prolong the cycle. Perhaps it’s time for a new age; the age of the dark. I’ve yet to decide what path to take.

The fire now storms

Top 5 Toys That Spin

Why things that spin?

As humans we are drawn to things that spin. Toys have been capitalizing on this for as long as they have been around. If it can spin we will likely play with it.

5. Fidget Spinners

This is the newest entry into the spinning toy category. Fidget spinners have hit the ground running and have become the latest fad. Because of how new they are and the limited (currently) number of tricks; they come in at number 5.

4. Spinning Tops

Tops are like lamer versions of spidget finners (see what I did there). Why did they rank higher than fidget spinners? Solely because of their longevity. Tops date back to ancient times. Also dreidels are tops so bonus points or something.

3. Beyblades

Beyblades quickly came into our lives and disappeared from them just as fast. They were like spinning tops on some sort of drug that made them hyper aggressive (I’m looking at you bath salts). Beyblades are tops that fight when you pulled the cord. It’s too bad they only lasted about 5 seconds in the limelight.

Here and gone so fast.

2. Playing Cards

Playing cards aren’t typically the go-to toy when it comes to “spinning objects,” but they are the perfect example of “if it can spin it will spin.” Many people toss around, throw, and spin cards for fun. If you haven’t ever seen someone masterfully spin a card check it out here.

1. Yoyos

What other spinning toy has been so utilized. The yoyo stormed the world and has acted as a staple in the toy world for decades. Unlike most of the other toys listed, the yoyo is extremely versatile. Its versatility has led it to amass an amazing number of possible tricks. The yoyo is the only toy on this list that has professional tournaments tied to it (tied, like the string…please don’t make me explain my puns).

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Perpetually Single Hopeless Romantics

1. We accidentally build an arsenal of weird skills.

A hopeless romantic isn’t satisfied just meeting a stranger from a bar. We want someone who shares in our passions and hobbies. Because of this we often find ourselves taking on new ventures in order to meet someone. When we inevitably don’t find the love of our lives we are left with a new hobby and hundreds of hours soaked into it.

2. We love our friends that are in relationships, but often feel left out.

The world has this tendency to put a high value on couples and families, while neglecting singles. We are happy for our friends that have found someone, but it is still hurtful when there are “couples only” double, triple, and quadruple date nights.

3. Gladice, I’m sure your granddaughter is very nice, but for the 600th time I’m not interested.

For some reason the older people in our lives always try to set us up with their relatives even when we have absolutely nothing in common or any mutual interest. Stop it old people, just stop.

4. We don’t have unrealistic expectations.

As a “hopeless romantic” we are seeking our other half, the other piece of the puzzle. We want someone with commitment, loyalty, that shares in our interests and passions. We don’t hop around from person to person and as such advice like “just date around until you find someone you like” doesn’t fly too well with us. We don’t play games and don’t relish in the idea of hurting others.

5. Current social norms leave us feeling isolated.

We are less than thrilled with the state of “social norms” at the moment. We live in a world full of the ‘FOMO, do what is best for yourself, forget loyalty, and do whatever you want’ mentality.

6. We’ve tried dating sites and they suck.

Dating sites are the breeding ground for the types of people mentioned in point number 5. I’m sure there are some good people that attempt to use them, but they are vastly outnumbered and often scared away by the crazies.

7. There’s no reason to belittle us.

“Your standards are too high,” “just put yourself out there,” “learn to settle,” “I hear Gladice’s granddaughter is single,” are not things we enjoy hearing, nor are they helpful in the least.

8. We aren’t scared of commitment.

As a matter of fact we prefer commitment. We just don’t commit to people we aren’t interested in pursuing. There is either interest or there isn’t. There is no in-between.

9. We aren’t selfish.

We would give anything to find that fairy tale ending. To have someone to make laugh, to share with, to be our adventure friend. Just because we are single and don’t have to answer to anyone but ourselves doesn’t make us selfish.

10. We value love.

Above all else we value the idea of love, actual love, not what movies and television claim it is. The selfless kind of love that seems to no longer exist.

Is love dead? Most likely, but hopefully not. 

Photo Shoot Fun

A quick “add some Gambit energy to cards” edit

Card Cascade
Wishing I was Gambit

So this isn’t going to be one of my normal blog entries. I recently went out on a little photo shoot with my friend Mark. We decided to take an approach where we went for a “Gambit style” shoot, playing on my love of cards. We originally had the idea of doing a full cosplay, but then decided we’d rather take a more subtle approach. This entry isn’t really going to have much writing, more or less I just wanted to share some of my favourite shots from our little adventure.

The gallery

If our Gambit photo shoot was shot like every Bigfoot sighting.
Climbing is important.
Trees are important too.
We decided that Superheroes are always perching on something.
…or leaning in between things.
…or just chilling.
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