The Time Has Come

The time has come to reveal the truth about the Illuminati and other secret organizations.

Sometimes only a joker knows the truth

Truth Revealed

I owe all of you an apology. I’m afraid this “personal blog” has been a front for something bigger. I received the message today that it is time to share with the world what transpires behind closed doors. Many of you are skeptically aware of “secret organizations” but also brush them off as fantasy. Logically these organizations make sense, they are nothing more than communities of like minded individuals with a specific goal. People assume they don’t exist as it makes it easier to carry out daily life in a carefree manner. I am part of one of these organizations, and we feel now is the time to come out of the shadows and shed light on current situations.

The Illusionists

The Illusionists have been around for centuries and, much like our name implies, have been hidden in plain sight. There is little rhyme or rhythm to the identities we take on, but those identities are an integral part of accomplishing our goal. We have been jesters, outlaws, politicians, but those are just the costumes we wear to further our mission.

Our Mission

We live by a simple code. “Deception to end all deception.” We employ our abilities to shed light on those who steal from the poor. Though it pains us to do so, at times we must remove tyrants from power in less than civil ways. Whenever a person goes rogue, rises to power, or puts others at risk, we must act. The long version made short is simply, “we have your back.”

One well placed ace can change everything

The Trick

You have been fooled. The world is not as stable as it seems, and an imminent end is within sight. Many people have heard of the Illuminati or the Stone Masons, but the number of powerful organizations has grown immensely. None of these organizations want you to know what is really happening; chaotic people are impossible to control.

The Prestige

The Illusionists took a step no one expected us to. The organization from the shadows stepped into the light. If we are to save this world, now is the time. Don’t panic, but look to the sky and once more know “we have your back.”

The Reveal

Now is not the time to reveal everything happening. You will know more as the days progress. To be blunt we hope you never learn of what “could have” come to be. If the world continues on its merry way, spinning through space and time, then know we have succeeded.

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