Definitely Not A Secret Organization

Definitely not a massive secret puzzle

Hey everyone, so just in case anyone was wondering there is nothing related to secret organizations on this page. Though if there was something about secret organizations here on Read N’ Butter it would probably have all kinds of hidden links and clues and a complete story line to follow. Yup, you definitely shouldn’t go searching for posts about that and following clues, because you will be sorely disappointed. I am definitely not interested in secrets or puzzles, even though I worked at an escape room. So ya, there is no secrets at all on this page.

A puzzle perhaps?

Back on track

Read N’ Butter is now returning to it’s regularly scheduled programming. What is Read N’ Butter’s regular format? Good question friend. Here at Read N’ Butter I like to talk about stories, movies, and life in general from a different and highly optimistic view. I also try to saturate my posts with as much satire as possible. If you haven’t noticed this by now it’s probably because your sarcasm lock key is off. I’ll give you a minute to press it.

*****Sarcasm Key Activated*****

Ya good job totally pressing that real key on your keyboard. A sarcasm key is definitely a thing.

*****Sarcasm Key Deactivated*****

Honestly, hope you guys have an amazing day. Looking forward to writing more crazy stories and going on adventures with you. Take care and all the best!

*****Sarcasm Key Activated*****

And definitely DO NOT go looking for any secrets on previous posts. There is nothing there for you to find.

4 thoughts on “Definitely Not A Secret Organization”

      1. Just getting started!

        I’m intrigued to see how far down the rabbit hole goes!

        *****Sarcasm Key Activated*****

        I am totally NOT looking through your previous posts right now.

        1. Haha perfect! Glad this has you intrigued! Even more glad (glader…gladerer) that you are making use of the sarcasm key. Happy hunting my friend!

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