Scamming the Scammers

Totally inspired by James Veitch

Hey everyone a while back I started replying to scam emailers in the most hilarious ways I could imagine. Today I received an email from the “Apple Store” unfortunately the email address was a string of odd numbers and letters. Just a tad suspicious (or 1000% suspicious). “Apple” was apparently asking me to download a link to a receipt and then open it in my browser to confirm a $30 purchase of a “Space Qube.”  Now I was excited as could be about the arrival of the “Space Qube” I hadn’t ordered so my only question was, “perfect what colour are you sending me?” I’m eagerly awaiting their response in order to correct whatever colour they say. Turns out Space Qube is an app not an actual cube…darn.

It’s not an actual cube?

The bigger picture

I’ve grown fond of these types of interactions. Magic is one of my hobbies so I’ve had to learn to deceive people in a fun way. That’s how I look at these email scammers, except I can be a little more cut-throat. They are scamming people so I may as well waste their time. It is a solid reminder that you can turn anything into a fun adventure.

Previous scam emails

I’m excited to share my previous scam emails with you. I’ll add it in a blog entry soon. Nothing beats having a scammer refer to all finances as “golden cards” because “the CIA is on to you.”

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