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Two posts in one morning?

So I’m sitting here on break, once again drinking coffee. I wasn’t going to write anything because that age old adage of “only write in your blog if you have something valuable to share or teach people” came to mind. Then once again I decided “screw it.” Talking to myself on break would be weird. Talking to you is not weird, and I hate silence so here we are.

On the radio this morning I heard about Apple’s failed technology demonstration and that made me laugh. *I’m not going to toss a link here because I’m confident in your ability to use Google* Classic tech companies failing at technology the irony abounds. We all fail at things we “specialize” in…except me I never fail at the things I do *insert shifty eye movement to cover blatant lie because I fail consistently*

Anyway, my break is done now so I’ll talk to you later. Bye for now.

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