Let’s Play Games On Youtube

Little Nightmares? And a “let’s play?” What are you talking about Shane?

So I’ve kind of neglected my blog over here. I’ve had a lot on my plate recently and have been focusing all of my free time on magic and my new YouTube channel. Not really a new channel, but I’ve reworked my old channel to now be a let’s play channel. It’s been a lot of fun and I am truly enjoying the experience. I’m learning a lot about how to grow in this area. I wanted to share with you my first few videos. The first game I did a let’s play for was Little Nightmares. My goal is ultimately to use video games and let’s plays as a vehicle to deliver my odd sense of humour.

The First Video I posted

The first video I posted was part one of my let’s play for Little Nightmares. I’ve embedded it in the page here if you want to check it out.

Lots of Learning

The two weeks in between my first video (mentioned above) and my most recent videos have taught me a lot. One of my favourite videos from my Little Nightmares playthrough is this one here.

One thing I started doing was creating more fun and unique thumbnails. I really wanted to give this my all. In my opinion I should put everything I can into the quality of my content. I want people to enjoy the experience from start to finish. From the moment people see a thumbnail they should know they are getting involved in some silliness.

What other games have I played?

After my Little Nightmares run I started dabbling in Shadow of Mordor. I’ve really been enjoying this game and my editing style has become less about showing the entire game and more about creating moments of comedy and fun. That’s what my channel is all about, having fun.

After Shadow of Mordor (which I am not finished playing yet) I released a few videos where I play Minecraft Story Mode Season Two. This was suggested to me by a subscribed and I’ve been having fun working on this as well.

Where am I heading next?

Monday morning I’ll be releasing a new video. It’ll be a little different from my current ones and (in simplest terms) reveal my inner moral compass (a tiny bit of foreshadowing). I’m excited to keep the ball rolling on this.

I also intend on putting up more Shadow of Mordor and Minecraft Story Mode videos as the weeks progress. I take suggestions to heart and love talking to people and hearing what they think. If you made it this far in the post I sincerely thank you for reading. I appreciate it far more than you could ever imagine.

The final thing I’d like to leave you with is a link to the playlist for Little Nightmares. I’ll be looking for another game similar to it to play in entirety in the near future. Thanks again! Love you all.

Top 7 Ways To Know You Aren’t Really An Adult When Your Age Says You Are

Being An Adult Is Hard

It’s no surprise that a lot of “adults” in their 20’s and 30’s are struggling to find their way in the adult world. Perhaps it was video games, parents that told us we can do whatever we want, or just not wanting to work real jobs, but we are struggling to be “mature” adults. Now that we have laid down a quick description it’s time for the list.

1. You’re sense of humour is on point

Alright this may seem a little odd since everyone has a sense of humour, right? Wrong. As a perpetual child adult you find humour in all situations. You can rock terrible dad jokes and have them actually turn out funny. What is the reason for our amazing sense of humour? In my opinion the internet is at fault. With websites like YouTube and any crazy person being allowed to post whatever they want we have been able to hone in on our sarcasm, cynicism and wit.

2. You have more fun with toys than kids

You likely find yourself having Nerf gun wars that would put the child version of you to shame. Toys have improved and we are envious that we didn’t have foam bullets that traveled at 300 mph when we were children. We are able to go buy whatever we want now and toys have gotten amazing. Have you heard of fidget toys or fidget spinners? I discovered these toys a few months ago and they quickly became some of my favourite things ever. If there is one thing that I find actually helps my ADHD it’s these bad boys.

Nerf or nothing baby

3. You don’t want to work a “normal” job

Gone are the days of working a job that doesn’t matter to you. Our generation wants to make a difference, we want to live a life that matters. I would go completely crazy if all I ever accomplished was building cars and making decent money. Our parents excelled in this area, but personally I’d rather work in a cafe surrounded by interesting people again. We often enjoy jobs where we get to work from home, start our own business, or be our own boss.

4. You make people shake their heads

Whether it’s your wicked sense of humour, your constant YouTube puppet shows, your rebellious attitude, or your inability to pay attention; older people will not understand you. We like all things weird and truly embrace that.

5. You forgive easily

A lot of the things on the list could be argued as a positive or a negative. This can only be seen as a positive. Just like our actual children counterparts we choose to believe the best in people. We are a generation that really cares about people more than things and it shows in our ability to forgive.

6. You have weird skills

We are a curious bunch. It’s likely because we have been in school from the time we are children and live in a time where university and college are common. We like to learn, but often hate schooling and because of that we waste a lot of time learning useless, but really cool skills. Whether you have mastered spinning a pen, can play a mean guitar, throw cards like a boss, or can juggle flaming chainsaws; you truly desire to be unique and your hobbies and skills reflect it. You are a rockstar at what you do, but lets just hope nobody ever expects us to handle “real world” tasks like banking and taxes.

7. You realize life is short

We are a group of people that realize life is short and want to have fun and take chances. Waiting until we retire to start living life isn’t something we desire. We travel, we play, we explore, we love, we lose. It’s part of who we are.

Reviewing “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Switch Edition”

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I’ve been playing the newest installment of The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Switch. In my opinion Breath of the Wild has taken a different direction from most of the Zelda series.

LoZ: Breath of the Wild
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


The game handles surprisingly well. It plays and feels like a Zelda game should, but has almost a Dark Souls feel at times. Maybe it’s just a personal thing because I am a huge fan of the Souls games. It is challenging, combat is fun and fluid, the puzzles are perfect, it ads some really cool new mechanics (like cooking), and the open world aspect deserves it’s own section for review. I would love to give it a perfect 10/10 for gameplay, but there is just a few issues (minor ones) that make it a little less than perfect.

The biggest issue I have is the speed with which weapons and shields break. Everything has a durability and will find itself disappearing from your inventory eventually. Maybe I’m just bitter because I want my beautifully massive fire sword back. The only other issue I have is there are times when the camera feels slightly less intuitive than I’d like. I’m sure this is a finesse thing that I’ll get a hang of eventually.

Overall the gameplay scores a 9.5/10

The Open World

This has been a huge highlight in Zelda: Breath of the Wild for me. I’ve explored waterfalls, villages, heart-shaped ponds, and jumped off of cliffs multiple kilometers high. The items you get facilitate an even more enjoyable adventure throughout the world. Hang gliding on a leaf and forcing a makeshift boat to hurl along at 700mph are both inexplicably enjoyable. I’ve encountered multiple side missions and explored as many shrines as I could, often avoiding the main story to do so. I’m admittedly a little biased as my favourite part in Majora’s Mask was running around doing all the side missions and collecting the masks.

Overall the open world scores a 10/10


There isn’t a whole lot to write here, but it’s worth noting. Everything in Breath of The Wild is stunning and beautiful. The mountains, structures, and characters are all gorgeous and there is no doubt in animation style that you are playing a Zelda game.

Overall the graphics score a 9.5/10

Story and Dialogue

So far I have been extremely impressed with the dialogue. It is witty, sarcastic, full of dramatic irony, and just flat out fun. *Spoiler* I thoroughly enjoyed meeting a meek individual who fell in love with an aggressive and brutish woman at first sight. The dialogue left no question about who was wearing the pants in that relationship. The fact that I could refuse to answer questions and simply reply “paraglider please” after putting in more effort than initially explained was brilliant *Spoiler Done*. Overall the dialogue is the result of a generation of sarcastic and witty video gamers growing up and turning into game creators. In the cut scenes the characters are voiced and that leads me to the only negative I can think. I truly would have enjoyed having all dialect voiced (except Link’s iconic silent stance on situations). I know this breaks the rule set by Nintendo for Zelda and Pokemon, but hey I’m getting to old to read in my video games.

The story in Breath of the Wild is fun and follows the classic Zelda scheme. It doesn’t take a lot to figure out what’s going to happen, but it’s fun nonetheless. You won’t be racking your brain trying to figure out the mystery of the story, instead you’ll just enjoy the simplicity and fun of it all.

Overall the dialogue scores a 9.8/10
Overall the story scores a 8.2/10


Now I haven’t gotten to the point in the game where I need to replay it yet so this section is primarily assumptive. The unfortunate reality is we live in a time where replayability is very closely Link-ed (pun intended) to online content. Breath of the Wild doesn’t excel there, but it does have the classic Nintendo charm. I refer to Nintendo’s charm as being something addictive that I can’t quite explain. Oh I got all 150 pokemon? I guess I better delete my save file and do it again. Oh I collected all the masks and beat the story? Gotta play it again. It’s unlikely you’ll play through the game 4 to 5 times repeatedly (doing absolutely everything) just because you can. If you were to conquer all of the content in 1 or 2 playthroughs my guess is you’d shelf the game for a little bit, but eventually decide to give it another play every couple of months.

Overall the replayability scores a 7.5/10

Final Score

Now if I was to tally up all my previous scores and rate them equally the game would get a solid 9.08/10.

So the final answer is 9.1/10?

Not quite. Like I said if I was to weigh everything individually then yes, a 9.1/10 would be accurate, but that’s not my overall score for “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” I am really enjoying this game so far and any of the minor little things are completely eclipsed by the strengths. It’s one of the best games I’ve played to date and because of that it gets a: